Per-SPEC-tives No. 251: By the Numbers

by Ralph Liebing, RA, CSI, CDT, Cincinnati, OH

Hup-2-3-4; Hup-2-3-4 [cadence]; strike 3; 16-1/2x34, 36/30, 34B [uh, we’ll go no further here]; $3/gal; 70 mph; 32 mpg; $1 a dozen; 10 cents [oh no, that newspaper is $1 now]; 4 minute mile; .49.3 for 50 yd butterfly; $100-$300 for groceries; $8 beer at ballpark; $1/hour parking meet; 25 cents penalty for late return of borrowed library book; $22,482 tuition; $7,895 for one on a cruise with no guarantee and prompt return; 88 cents for a two-core concrete block; $2 for an 8-foot 2x4 which is really only 94 inches long; $0 no one’s credit card balance; $20 a pound for high-end [and very good] mixed chocolates. 3, number of points Bengals lose by in most overtimes.

$4.90 to have a suit cleaned; $1.50 bus fare; 43-inches a child’s height- 6 ft. 2in, the child’s father height, 175 pounds, Prince Charles’ pension from the RAF; 33 cars that start the Indy race; ?? number that don’t finish; 430 feet, a hefty homer run; 52 feet flood stage for the Ohio River at Cincinnati; your guess, the next increase in a postage stamp; 10 feet to the rim of the basketball goal; $213 for a month’s supply of some pills I was to take—didn’t take them [alternate doing good]; 60, Chuck Bednarik’s jersey number; Route 66; “…get you in a taxi, honey, better be ready 'bout half past eight…”

20 cents/gal, for gasoline during WWII; 16 cents for loaf of rye bread in ‘40s; around $150 for a speeding ticket; ½ to you, ½ to government [dream]; 3920, address of the house I was raised in [Sears-Roebuck kit house, built in late ‘20s, and still there [I’m not]; all the I-00 road numbers; also all the first, second, etc. streets everywhere; 7256, flight numbers [and variations]; 12 midnight [curfew-- for me and others]; 8 glasses of water you should drink each day; 1 pint [blood donation per each planned visit; “42nd Street” [the musical];$1 million if you make the trick shot.

CN48TK, my license plate number [what’s yours?]; 6 years, my granddaughter’s age [and counting—oops, she said she is 6-1/2 not 6]; 7-5/8, a man’s hat size; 7, ladies dress size [you didn’t think I’d dare go above that];108 inches, length of a couch [107 inches, length of couch cover]; 8-1/2 x 11 envelope for a 9 x12 document]; ingredient for a casserole comes only in 10 oz. containers-- recipe requires 17 ounces;21 cu. ft. refrigerator; 3/8-inch drill bit; saving for holiday gifts about 250% short of actual costs; 23,000 feet cruising altitude for an aircraft; 78, Bengals’ HOF Anthony Munoz’s jersey number; 3,4,5,6,7,8, numbers of well known Yankees; 16 games for regular NFL season; 162 games in MLB.

2 many bad entertainers; 4 members in the original Rat Pack; The $1million band; 121/60, good blood pressure; 72, good heart beat rate; 1200 calories [oh, come on!!]; Big Red 1, nickname of the Army’s first division; 10-4 [oh, you know that one]; 12th precinct; Ladder Company 29; 1-1/2 x 3-5/8 [where did the 2x4 go?]; ½-gallon of ice cream [doesn’t exist anymore]; 2nd act of ballet always too long; “76 trombones”; “110 cornets right behind…”; a 10 x10 band; 1-carat diamond = large amount of money; “Pennsylvania 6-5-0-0-0”; 5-star general;

Stop! Enough said! Point made!

Yes we are inundated with numbers, but some just seem to have added importance or significance.

How about 78/50, for example?

Yes, for me-- 78 years old Saturday, and 50 years a registered and practicing architect! Woo-Ha!

© 2013, Ralph Liebing