CSI Construction Site Tour: JFK Delta Air Lines Terminal 4

Delta Air Lines
Terminal 4, JFK International Airport
Phase 2 Concourse B Extension
CSI Construction Site Tour
4:00 PM, Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Delta Air Lines has graciously agreed to allow the CSI Long Island Chapter to visit the Terminal 4, Phase 2 construction site on September 30, 2014.
The project is an active construction site and is located within the AOA (air operation area) of JFK Airport. Caution and common sense must be maintained at all times. For safety and security reasons all tour attendees must follow the below requirements in order to participate in the tour.

1. Download and complete the attached Project ID Application Form and sign. Return the completed form with a copy of your state issued driver’s license. Provide a clear photocopy of both sides of the driver’s license. Email the completed and signed form with driver’s license copy to peter.stolfi@pssarch.com by 3:00 PM, Friday September, 26.
2. Provide the completed form and license for each person attending the tour.
3. Plan to arrive at the Delta Trailer Complex no later than 3:30 PM. Allow adequate time for traffic, travel distance to JFK and the possibility of getting lost within JFK.
4. Bring steel tip construction boots to the tour. Delta will provide hardhats and safety vests.
5. Bring your original driver’s license to the tour. The license must be submitted to Delta in order to receive a Day-Pass which will allow access to the construction site.
6. The construction site is Airside therefore all attendees must stay together in one group and not wander.
7. After the tour each attendee must return the Day-Pass to receive your driver’s license.

Attendees not following the above requirements will not be permitted to attend the tour or access the construction site.

The tour will begin at 4:00 pm. Attendees will board a bus for a short ride to the construction site. All attendees must remain in one group. Attendees who wander could be injured, fined and/or arrested. The tour will observe civil work, PBBs (passenger boarding bridges), interior architectural finishes, structural systems where exposed to view, electrical/mechanical systems and roofing.

The tour should take about 1½ hours; the group should be back to the trailer complex by 5:30. Pizza and drinks will be provided for dinner. The tour and dinner will be free.

The tour will earn 1.0 Hour CEH/PDH for New York State Architects & Engineers.

Drive to JFK International Airport, Terminal 4. Follow signs for “Terminal 4 Arriving Flights”. When approaching Terminal 4 turn right at the first traffic light, see below blue line. Make an immediate right into the Delta Trailer Complex. Stop at the guard booth to check in.
After entering the trailer complex, park to the immediate left. Parking is free within the trailer complex.
Plan to arrive no later than 3:30 to allow time to sign in and to receive the Day-Pass.